Humans of Honeyfi – Carolin and Ramy

With Humans of Honeyfi, we introduce you to the couples who make Honeyfi special. This week, we’re featuring one of the Co-Founders of Honeyfi and his wife.
Carolin and Ramy

How did you guys meet?

We worked for the same company. That company sent us to a conference together and we started chatting. It wasn’t until Ramy moved up to NYC that we actually started dating though.


What’s your favorite couples activity?

Well, now that we have kids, it’s sitting in silence! However, we do like playing board games when we’ve got some downtime. We’re actually both quite competitive…which isn’t always a good thing. ☺

Carolin and Ramy

Using only emojis, describe your relationship.



What’s a money lesson you guys wish you learned sooner?

Plan earlier. We were really slack on getting our financial house in order and when we started to look into it was scary to see how unprepared we were.


How has Honeyfi helped you and your partner manage money?

Honeyfi has helped us communicate more easily about our finances and think about it more as a team vs individuals.

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