Humans of Honeyfi – Edmund and Davina

With Humans of Honeyfi, we introduce you to the couples who make Honeyfi special.

Edmund and Davina

How did you guys meet?

During college, we separately told two different professors that we wanted to start a team to enter a programming contest. The two professors happened to mention the idea to one another and decided to start building a team. We were both selected and spent long hours practicing and ultimately competing together. We had a blast. After the contest, we continued to hang out and ended up where we are today! Yet another reason we love coding.


What’s your favorite couples activity?

Our favorite activity involves finding new boba shops and using them as workspaces to build projects and practice programming problems. We’ve been doing this pretty much since we met and the habit has yet to die!

We’re both also a big fan of ice cream and we’re making a good effort to try all the ice cream places we can. Unfortunately, we rarely share since one of us is extremely loyal to vanilla and the other to chocolate!

Edmund and Davina


Using only emojis, describe your relationship.



What’s a money lesson you guys wish you learned sooner?

Repaying student loans is no joke! Keeping track of where your money is going and being mindful of spending is extremely helpful in making sure you can comfortably pay off your student loans. Finding the right application or set of applications to make sure your finances are in a place you’re happy with is super important and can save you a lot of work.


How has Honeyfi helped you and your partner manage money?

Honeyfi not only helps us foster transparency and communication in our relationship but it is also a great platform to keep track of expenses and to have two sets of eyes on anything that may be fraudulent. It’s a great place to discuss spending and budgeting since it provides a way to share financial insights from individual transactions to general spending habits. It’s been a great tool so far and we’re both really looking forward to how much more it may be able to offer us in the future.

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