Humans of Honeyfi – Eri and Mitch

With Humans of Honeyfi, we introduce you to the couples who make Honeyfi special.

Eri & Mitch

How did you guys meet?

We worked together for about a year, but it took a co-worker ski trip for us to finally hit it off and start dating. We won’t say who, but one of us was determined to make it happen from the moment we met.


What’s your favorite couples activity?

Nowadays our favorite thing to do is go on walks with our daughter and dogs so the whole family can be together. Years ago we might have said going to our local brewery that offered free beer, followed by a stop at the bakery which was conveniently positioned between the brewery and the train.

Eri & Mitch

Using only emojis, describe your relationship.



What’s a money lesson you guys wish you learned sooner?

A joint bank account is the way to go for a couple who pays bills together.


How has Honeyfi helped you and your partner manage money?

Honeyfi provides us with one simple place to see the account balances from multiple bank and investment accounts. It also helps us quickly figure out why we are over or under budget and what transactions are driving it.  We really like the ability to categorize transactions in order to align them with our budget.

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