Humans of Honeyfi – Kristin and Rob

With Humans of Honeyfi, we introduce you to the couples who make Honeyfi special.

Kristin and Rob

How did you guys meet?

We met crossing the street on the way to work one fateful Monday morning. Noticing no traffic coming, Kristin started crossing against the light and announced, “Shall we?” Kristin claims she was talking to no one in particular, but Rob was sure she was speaking directly to him. Naturally, he joined in the conversation and walked her half-way to work, before extending his hand and introducing himself, for which he was rewarded with a business card. He followed up, and lunch turned into dinner and dinner turned into forever. Aaawwwwww.


What’s your favorite couples activity?

We love traveling and outdoor activities – the best is when we can combine them both, like a hike through Costa Rica or Scotland. When we can’t hop on a plane, we take our doggie (named Bristol-Dog, aka Dingo) on day-hikes. He’s a great pack-animal – meaning, he carries his pack with snacks and drinks for us, and of course doggie treats and water!

Our stay-at-home- activity is gardening. Our first “trial & error garden” was the size of a small farm! (20’x40’). Kristin had a container garden in mind. Rob went big.

Kristin and Rob


Using only emojis, describe your relationship.



What’s a money lesson you guys wish you learned sooner?

Everything is negotiable. Sometimes you can save money, or get a discount if you ask. It also works to turn a potential customer service fail for the retailer into a money saving opportunity for you. Or, present a compelling “argument” or case for the other party to make or save money (e.g. let you use their venue for a SUNDAY wedding) and you might get a great deal!


How has Honeyfi helped you and your partner manage money?

Honeyfi has given us one platform to view all of our accounts. Several of our DIY projects have “required” new accounts at new institutions, and managing logins across multiple accounts at multiple institutions is headache enough – then multiply by two people. It was a headache to keep track of various balances. Before Honeyfi, we’d email spreadsheets back and forth and ask each other to log in and report balances. That got old. Fast. Honeyfi simplifies that by giving us EACH a view into our personal finances as well as our joint finances whenever and wherever we want.

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