It’s us, honeyfi.

Hello world. It’s us, honeyfi. Guess what? We are building an app that’s focused on helping couples and families manage money together. It will simplify the biggest pain points for couples who are to managing money together: tracking expenses, building joint budgets, and saving as a team.

How, you ask? Couples will use honeyfi to track spending and build budgets by aggregating credit card/bank accounts, as they would with and similar apps. But unlike those apps, honeyfi will allow partners to have separate accounts that they link together. That way, partners can choose how much information they want to share with each other. Also, unlike the other apps, honeyfi will tag transactions to the relevant partner(s) so that couples can see who’s spending what.

We’ll also enable couples to save together—whether it’s for a rainy day fund or large purchases like weddings, vacations, down payments on houses—by helping them identify what they want to save for, how much it will cost, and how they’re going to save for it.

We believe that by making it easier for couples to manage money together, we will help them save for the things that matter, communicate effectively about money, and become financially secure.  In turn, we hope to reduce the stressful effect of money on relationships and help couples lead happier lives together. Pretty sweet, right?

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